UNIK manufactures the entire battery in its State-of-the-Art manufacturing plant in Pune, India. We are industry leaders in Traction , Golf Cart & Stationary Batteries as we undertake manufacturing from lead grid casting , pasting , positive plate filling , plate curing & dry charging , right upto assembling the finished battery inhouse in our ultra modern facility.

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Unik Techno Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Battery Machinery & is well known in the Global & Indian market.

UNIK is actively engaged in offering a cost-effective solution to battery manufacturing companies to give an impetus to their business. Empowered with advanced manufacturing practices, we have been offering high performing & power saving Battery Making Machinery which are environment friendly & reduce carbon footprints.

UNIK machines are supplied alongwith an Operation & Maintenance Manual both in print & electronic format, which specifies the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance procedures in an easy to understand user-friendly manner.

UNIK is continuously upgrading its designs & adding features in its machines in order to improve the machine performance and in turn generating worth for its customers.

UNIK prides itself in delivering excellence in all that it does such as :
🔹Management Ethics,
🔹Customer Approach – Pre & Post Sales,
🔹Understanding technical requirements of clients & implementing it in the machinery,
🔹Focussing on Client Specific needs.
🔹Administrative delegation to facilitate prompt catering to customer requirements,
🔹Better Connectivity with people and processes,
🔹Understanding process requirements & calculations & educating customers on the same.

UNIK TRUST works towards building & cementing relations with customers, suppliers & its own personnel and strengthening business processes & practices to improve performance and generate worth for its customers. It constantly changes its own goal posts further in line with changing customer requirements & own continuing self developments.

UNIK GREEN is about our prime focus to aid in a green environment . It is about planting more trees, good housekeeping , maintaining prime safety standards & reducing the carbon footprint & making this world a better & healthier place for our future generations to live in.

UNIK GIVE is about caring & sharing. Although the world is a big place, we believe that charity begins at home. In line with this we have undertaken that all the medical & most other needs of our personnel are taken care of. We also selectively on merit , undertake the housing needs & the education of our workmens children & also supplement them with interest free loans in their times of need & emergencies.


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