Before commencing installation, repair or inspection of a battery, the person doing the work should remove all metallic objects such as rings, wrist watches, neck and wrist chains etc. Wear protective clothing – rubber gloves and apron as well as full eye protection using goggles or visor. Whenever connection or disconnection of batteries or cells is being undertaken, only insulated tools should be used.

Work on batteries should be done with the battery isolated whenever practical, no matter how low the system voltage. This precaution is of particular importance where batteries have a high stored energy. Please do go through the O&M manual provided along with the battery supply for detailed instructions and comply with the same.


We hereby certify that the materials used and the method of manufacture employed in the production of “UNIK” batteries is in accordance with the best current trade practices. We further confirm that strict quality control is exercised at each stage of manufacture.

We hereby guarantee the specified battery for a period as specified in the invoice, against all manufacturing defects subject to maintenance of the batteries as per our requirements.

In case of any manufacturing defect/s arising in the battery during the period of guarantee, we agree to repair or replace the battery/cells at our option, free of cost, on receipt of the battery at our works, on freight paid basis.