Can any one tell me how to start a battery assembly or manufacturing plant ??

To start a lead-acid battery assembly or manufacturing plant in India you need the
following – not necessarily in the order of importance or in the same sequence:-
1) Adequate finance for the project
2) Plot and building of a size based on the desired battery manufacturing capacity.
3) All permissions and approvals from various government authorities including
from pollution control board.
4) Technical knowledge and process know-how of battery manufacture.
5) Machines of good quality with proven product output giving a consistent quality
saleable battery.
6) A consultant with sufficient knowledge of batteries to liaise between you & the
machinery vendor.
7) Machine vendor who can preferably guide you as regards materials sourcing,
materials specifications and the material test procedures in addition to guidance
on the process – sufficient to produce a battery.
In case you are in a position to cater to Sr. No. 1 to 3 stated above on your own you
may contact the undersigned who can satisfy your requirements as regards Sr. No. 4 to
7 in a comprehensive manner.
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Ramesh Natarajan Kailad
UNIK Techno Systems Pvt Ltd
Pune India

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